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Litesale is a web application that helps you to create invoices online. Spend less time on administration routines and focus more on your core business.

Ideal for small businesses, freelancers and individual entrepreneurs.

Litesale is developed by a company named Vertuna, which is based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Main mission of Vertuna company is to help other companies to grow their businesses.

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We know how hard is to build your own business. And we try to help where we can and the way we can. We believe that helping others pays back. We understand that successful company must be profitable and we earn on other projects, not on litesale. That is why we offer such a good package for free.

We do not collect or analyze your cashflows, prices and market share. Neither we use your client's data. Most of the data is stored in an encrypted form that is accessible only by you.