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Quick facts about Litesale

You dashboard

One page, 'Bird View', to give you all the information about what is going on in the system

Your Dashboard

Create an invoice

Simple but yet powerfull form to create new and edit existing invoices. You can send your invoice directly to client from this form.

Create invoice

Invoices view

Your invoices for current month and archives, with filtering and search. And possibility to export to CSV and Excel at any time you want

Invoices view

Easy to use CRM

Manage your client's data, add documents, add documents, deals, cases and agreements, upload files. And, of course, create invoices!

Clients database


Litesale could automatically import messages from your email server. And you can connect those messages to your clients and keep all the correspondence and incoming documents in Litesale, connected. Just make an email account configure Litesale to check it and forward all your clients related information to this address



Customize settings and configure Litesale to feet your needs and requirements.

Settings and customization