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Prices and Packages

We have 2 versions of Litesale, our invoicing and marketing application. One is free and another is not (but is very cheap).

We believe that our free version is more than enough for most of the small service providers and freelancers out there. And we give it for free, forever. With free version of Litesale you can do the same things as with paid version, get the same level of support and reliability but with couple of limitations, such as: number of invoices you create, SMS messages and email messages you send out per month.

Small comparison table will show you the difference:

Feature Free Add-on
Number of invoices (per month) 20 Unlimited
Number of cases (per month) Unlimited Unlimited
Number of email messages (per month) 100 10000
Number of SMS messages (per month) 10 50
File storage capacity (MB) 50 500
Export at any time Free Free
Support and backup Yes Yes
SSL encrypted connection Yes Yes
Unlimited number of clients Yes Yes
Own logo on invoice Yes Yes
Invoice in your language? Yes Yes
Custom invoice and cash receipt designs Ask Ask
Price Free 19 EUR *

* Available as an "in application purchase". Just sign up for free version of Litesale and when, if you need to upgrade follow the instructions on a dashboard page or contact us at if you need any assistance. Upgrade is valid for one current month (starts from 1 day of the month). So you need to purchase an upgrade every month. If you need an invoice from us or want to have a recurring billing please contact us for details.

If you need to send out more messages, need a custom invoice design or integration with your software just let us know and we will try to help. We have custom plans and tailor made solutions and options. And ready to provide help to support your business needs.